Treaty Settlement

Treaty Settlement update – October

HAURAKI URGENT HEARING APPLICATION – WAI 2666​The Ngātiwai Trust Board’s urgent hearing application into the “Hauraki Settlements” was filed with the Waitangi Tribunal and served on the Crown on Monday, 24th July 2017. The Crown responded to the application on 6th October 2017. In summary the Crown’s response is the Board’s application for urgency, more …

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Treaty Settlement Update – Overlapping Claims with Hauraki Iwi

On the 24th July 2017 the Ngatiwai Trust Board filed an urgent hearing application with the Waitangi Tribunal in opposition to the Crown’s overlapping claim process and offers of redress to a number of Iwi from the Hauraki Region. The Ngatiwai Trust Board say that the Crown has breached the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi …

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Media Statement

Northland Iwi Ngātiwai Stands Alongside Tauranga Moana Iwi To Fight Crown-Assisted Hauraki Incursions  Wednesday, 19 July 2017 For immediate release Northern iwi Ngātiwai has had enough of the Crown supported incursions by the same collective of iwi from Hauraki that is attempting to push into Tauranga. The iwi has decided it will be pushed no …

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