Treaty Settlement Update: OTS Hui with Submitters

On 18 October the Office of Treaty Settlement’s (OTS’s) met with people who made submissions on the Ngātiwai Trust Board’s (NTB’s) Deed of Mandate (DoM).

The meetings took place at:

  • Te Puna Ō Te Mātauranga Marae, NorthTec, Whangarei from 11:30 am and;
  • The Kingsgate Hotel, Whangarei from 3pm onwards into the early evening.

The purpose of the Hui was for submitters to have a first-hand opportunity to speak face to face with OTS about their concerns. The Ngātiwai Trust Board also attended the Hui to listen and consider the concerns raised by submitters.

Rauru Kirikiri a Crown facilitator who managed the Crowns engagement with submitters at the Marae Hui concluded that while there were no completely new issues raised in submission there appeared to be “hope” for a way forward. 

While meetings with individual submitters continued on into the evening at the Kingsgate, those submitters opted not to have the Ngātiwai Trust Board present.

The Ngātiwai Trust Board now awaits the Crown’s considered views on any substantive matters raised by submitters.

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