Register with Ngātiwai Trust Board

Why you should register with the Ngātiwai Trust Board

The purpose of registering with Ngātiwai is to:

  • Declare yourself as a Ngātiwai tribal member.
  • Enable you to access education scholarships and grants distributed by Ngātiwai.
  • Entitle you to vote (if you are 18 years and over) in Marae elections.
  • Entitle you to be nominated as a candidate to stand as a trustee on the Ngātiwai Trust Board.
  • Have the option of receiving our e-panui which keeps you up to date with current news, events and activities that you may want to participate in.

​Register with Ngātiwai Trust Board

Click here to access a hard copy of our registration form or complete your registration online now.

Change of address or details of registered members

If you change address or move please contact us or click here to submit an online request to update your details. Use only if you are already registered.

For all registration queries please contact:

Toni-Maria Sweeney
Iwi Database Administrator
P: 09 972 7810

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