Summary of Ngātiwai Trust Board meeting

  • Aqua-cultural Settlement: – TOKM have advised the policies regarding the distribution of the aqua-cultural settlement are being rewritten. The funds will continue to be held for iwi not willing to sign however those that have signed may receive their distribution by March 2017.
  • Board Policy Review: – A committee will meet to commence the review of the NTB policy manual.
  • Consolidated Financials: – NTB group consolidated financials for month ended 30th June are running reasonably on budget.
  • Education: – The Education Unit is awaiting a response regarding the Manaaki marae proposal. The Ma te Reo contract is being delivered through Education unit as a series of 3 weekend wananga which commenced on Friday 19th August.
  • Governance and Management Training: – Trustees and staff attended a Governance and Management Training course during the month. The key topics were Governance, Management and Strategy, the programme was facilitated by the NZ Institute of Directors and sponsored by Te Puni Kokiri.
  • Honey: – Legal due-diligence is being completed on the NTB honey proposal/contract.
  • Hui-A-Iwi: – Arrangements are underway for the next Hui-A-Iwi on 9th and 10th of September at Ngunguru Marae.
  • Marae Insurance: – A brief presentation regarding Marae insurance was given by Jo Kiro from Kiro Insurance Claim Management Broker Servicing. Jo works one-on-one with marae and insurance underwriters to reduce their misunderstandings relating to insuring marae. She is happy to meet with Ngātiwai marae individually to discuss insurance options.
  • Marae Reports:
    • Kawa: – Quiet during the winter season. Kaumatua have had a series of discussions regarding unity.
    • Matapouri: – The marae is applying for basic funding with Foundation North to install a wheelchair ramp and complete other basic renovations. Also looking to purchasing a shipping container for extra mattress storage. The committee meets regularly to discuss marae and hapū matters especially relating to Ngātiwai treaty claims and the Ngāti Rehua settlement.
    • Mokau: – The rebuild is on schedule and target. The marae will be hosting a fund-raiser at the end of year.
    • Motairehe: – Funding applications are being secured to install power generators/solar units. Marae whanau are focusing on reaffirming and aligning with Ngātiwai kaupapa, a kaumātua meeting will be held shortly to discuss the topic of unity.
    • Ngaiotonga: – A defibrillation course was held during the month which was attended by 30 people. The marae has formed a sub-committee to assist with the community’s civil defense. Also a Rangitahi rōpu has been established to host activities at the marae, so far they have hosted recent events such as table tennis and indoor bowls.
    • Ngunguru: – No report.
    • Oakura: – The marae committee will be holding a meeting on 7th September to discuss ongoing maintenance, pest eradication, funding for mattresses and also reducing our NTB registered members GNA’s. The marae committee will also be selecting 3 whanau members to represent the marae on the Oakura Coastal Beachfront Reserve and Hall Committee and the wider Whangaruru Costal rate payers committee.
    • Otetao: – The marae is seeking funding to install extra storage space, improvements to the dining area and then the ablutions.
    • Omaha: – Marae bookings are still closed until October 2016. The next marae committee meeting is scheduled for next week.
    • Pataua: – No report.
    • Punaruku: – The marae committee is looking to gazette land behind the school for Punaruku marae, since the Whenua Topu Trust has declined our request to locate the marae at Waikaramihi.
    • Tuparehuia: – No report.
    • Whananaki: – Plans and a feasibility study to redevelop and upgrade the marae dining area and then ablutions are well underway. Also Whanau whero were honoured to be involved in the pou placement at Mimiwhangata which occurred on Saturday 20th August.
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