Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board Meeting of Trustees on 27 January 2017


Education: The NZQA valuation review was completed during the month and we will know the outcome of the interview in February 2017. A proposal has also been received from Northtec for the Manaaki marae contract.

Hui-A-Iwi: – Preparations for the first Hui-A-Iwi of the year will commence early February and the hui date will be notified on the NTB face-book and website pages.

Marae Reports:
Kawa: – It’s been a good Christmas with whanau staying at the marae.
Matapouri: – The Marae Committee will be holding a meeting shortly to discuss and confirm NTB Trustee nominations. One of our marae Rangatahi have released a short drone film of Matapouri on Facebook.
Mokau: – The marae hosted a couple of fund raising events which were enjoyed by everyone.
Motairehe: – Martin Cleave was the only Trustee nomination received for Motairehe marae. As a NTB Trustee he would like to focus on the areas of marine health and sustainable income’s for whanau.
Ngaiotonga: – 4 Trustee nominations were received for Ngaiotonga marae.
Ngunguru: – 4 Trustee nominations were received for Ngunguru marae.
Oakura: – 3 Trustee nominations were received for Oakura marae. The committee is carrying out maintenance on the water tanks and tree pruning.
Otetao: – Whanau were at the marae during Christmas. The committee is seeking funding to purchase kitchenware. Gary Reti was the only nomination received for Otetao marae.
Omaha: – The marae hosted Christmas at the Pa for all the tamariki. The marae is closed for whanau use during the summer. Annette Baines was the only Trustee nomination received for Omaha marae.
Pataua: – Everyone was home for Christmas and New Year. The marae committee meeting was held on 21st January 2017. Rua Munro has been elected as our marae Chairperson.
Punaruku: – 2 nominations have been received for Punaruku marae.
Tuparehuia: – 2 Trustee nominations have been received for Tuparehuia marae. The marae committee has elected a new Executive Committee.
Whananaki: – 5 Trustee nominations were received for Whananaki marae.

Trustee Elections: – The Trustee Election/voting process is currently underway for Ngaiotonga, Ngunguru, Oakura, Punaruku, Tuparehuia and Whananaki marae. The elected Trustees for these marae will be announced at a Special General Meeting to be held at the Trust Board on Wednesday 8th February commencing at 9:30am.

A further election process will be put in place for those marae that did not furnish a nomination.

Trustee Retirement: – Kathy Pita was acknowledged for her service to the Ngātiwai Trust Board as the Trustee Representative for Tuparehuia marae.

​Treaty Claims: –
Ngatiwai Trust Board is pushing back with the Crown regarding the Hauraki Collective seeking a taonga tuturu protocol for non-commercial redress. 

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