Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board meeting of Trustees on 24 February 2017

Chair and Deputy Chair: – Haydn Edmonds has been re-elected to the position of Chairman and Phillip Ngawaka was elected to position of Deputy Chair.

Election Process, Matapouri and Mokau Marae: – The election process for Matapouri and Mokau marae will be publically notified on Tuesday 28th February 2017. The public notice, time-line and nomination forms are also available on the NTB website and face-book pages. This information is also available at the NTB office.

Hui-A-Iwi: – The first Hui-A-Iwi of the year will be held at Otetao Reti marae on Saturday 4th March 2017. A copy of the agenda is available on the NTB website and face-book pages. The agenda is also available at the NTB of office.

Powhiri for CEO and new Trustees: – A powhiri will be held Te Whanau a Rangiwhakaahu marae to welcome the CEO and new Trustees on Wednesday 8th March. A panui will be released shortly.

Rathbone Investment: – That the Board continues to look at increasing its investment in the Rathbone Street property to 100%.

Scholarships/Sponsorships: – A review of the scholarship/sponsorship policies will be undertaken by the Board shortly. Until such time as the review is completed all applications are placed on hold.

Takutai moana: – NTB will be instructing our Treaty Claims Lawyer to file an application to the High Court for Customary Marine Title covering the whole Ngātiwai rohe moana.

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