Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board meeting of Trustees on 31 March

NTB Sub-Committees: – The Board sub-committees were formalised as follows:

  • Bland Bay Campground
  • Education
  • Finance and Executive
  • Fisheries
  • Policy Review
  • Resource Management
  • Social Development
  • Te Reo me nga Tikanga
  • Treaty Claims

Marine and Costal Area Act: –
Keir Volkering and Mylie George gave a brief update regarding applications under the Marine and Costal Act. There are 2 aspects of the Act. 1) Protective Customary Right and 2) Customary Marine Title.
Mylie is supporting individuals who would like to submit applications which close on Monday 3rd April 2017. NTB has lodged a blanket application on behalf of all of Ngātiwai.

Marae Reports:
– The following updates for marae were given.
Kawa: – Not a lot to report from the marae due to the Ngāti Rehua settlement.
Matapouri: – The marae AGM is being organised for later in the month.
Ngaiotonga: – The Kiwikiwi whanau are holding a reunion at the marae this weekend. The marae will also be hosting the ANZAC dawn service in collaboration with Te Rawhiti and the Russell RSA. Unfortunately there was damage caused to the marae during the last storm, also a wall leak has appeared in the wharekai and some of the kitchen appliances need upgrading.
Ngunguru: – The marae hosted a hui for rohe-moana.
Oakura: – North-power have cleared the surrounding trees away from Omahanga so we’ve been distributing the fire-wood to the elderly in the community. The marae will be holding a whakatau for Rayonier on the 15th April. We’re also seeking funding for kitchen appliances.
Omaha: – The marae charter is being updated, so the marae is closed for bookings until this work is completed. A woman by the name of Judy Shakespare visited the marae to apologise on behalf of her tupuna who removed Tenatahi from Hauturu.
Otetao: – The concrete in front of the marae entrance has been replaced. The committee will be holding a meeting next week.
Pataua: – The roof is currently being placed on our building, we are also carrying out maintenance on our roadway. The committee is holding a meeting this weekend to develop our marae structure.
Punaruku: – The marae committee have continued to hold meetings regarding elections and the placement of our marae. We now have 2 locations available to us Waikaramihi and below the school.
Tuparehuia: – A meeting of the marae committee and Haydn (NTB) will be scheduled shortly to sign off the LTO. We received a resignation late last year from our Treasurer Daryl Pita, so Gary Reti has been elected as the new Treasurer. Our next marae committee meeting will be held in April 2017.
Whananaki: – There have been 2 whanau tangi at the marae over the last month. The marae committee have held a series of meetings regarding renovations. Pam Armstrong has secured funding for a feasibility to be carried out on the renovations. At this stage the committee has decided the renovations will be completed in 2 stages, firstly the ablutions and then the wharekai. Also the group opposing the Ngāti Rehua settlement won their injunction and the NRNWKATB have been ordered to hold an AGM.

New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae (Level 3): – An open evening was held on Tuesday 28th March at the Education Unit. For those interested in enrolling on the course contact: Freephone 0800 162 100 or

– The Education Committee will review the amount of funds provided to each applicant. Once the review is complete NTB Scholarships will be opened and advertised.

Staff Meetings: – A regular staff meeting has been introduced to occur each fortnight. At the recent staff meeting the Board’s strategic plan was re-socialised with staff, the next step will be to develop an annual plan which will feed down to staff individual work plans to achieve the Board’s directives and goals.

Te Kupenga Reo o Ngātiwai: – The launch of Te Kupenga Reo o Ngātiwai was held at Ngunguru marae from the 24-25th March 2017.

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