Ngātiwai Trust Board will hold the first Hui-a-iwi of 2018 on the 23rd and 24th March at Tuparehuia Marae. The main topic for discussion will be the findings and recommendations set out in the Waitangi Tribunals report, “The Ngātiwai Mandate Inquiry”, which was released by the Waitangi Tribunal on 31st October 2017. 

Tuparehuia Marae - Whangaruru
Ngātiwai Trust Board Chairman, Haydn Edmonds said, “This is a very important hui for all of us and I hope we can all come together to kōrero about a pathway forward. It is pleasing for me that our Kāhui Kaumātua are supporting this hui and we are working with them to put the kaupapa for this hui together. I would like to invite you all to come out to this hui, bring your tamariki, bring your Kaumātua and your wider whānau, and let’s come together as Ngātiwai.”

\”Nau mai, piki mai e ngā iwi e\”


On the 19th February the Ngātiwai Trust Board attended the Māori Affairs Select Committee hearings in Auckland to discuss the Board’s concerns with the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki Settlement Bill which are in the final stages of completion.

The key concerns raised with the committee related to:

  • the lack of due process the Crown has followed and in particular the lack of engagement with Ngātiwai at an early stage in the Tāmaki negotiations; and
  • the non-exclusive redress that the Crown has offered Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki in the form of protocols and statutory acknowledgements in the southern end of the Ngātiwai rohe.  

Chairman, Haydn Edmonds said, “The Ngātiwai Trust Board absolutely supports a Treaty Settlement for Ngāi Tai Ki Tāmaki. However, we do not support some aspects of the Settlement at this point which we would like to discuss further with Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki. It is our preference that we meet kanohi ki te kanohi and without pressured Crown timeframes to come to some kind of resolution of these matters.” 

“In the meantime the Māori Affairs Select Committee will be asking some questions of Crown officials in relation to due process and I am hopeful that our opposition to the components of the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki settlement that directly impact the mana of Ngātiwai has been heard, and the adjustments are made accordingly to the Ngāi Tai Settlement.”

Please go to the Ngātiwai Trust Board website under the ‘Resource Centre’ to read the NTB full submission to the Maori affair Select Committee –

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