Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board Meeting – 14 December 2019

  • Financials: – Trustees were briefed on the financials for the months of August, September and October 2018 and the audited financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2018 were received and approved.


  • Sponsorships: – Three sponsorship applications were approved to support Wiremu Wikaira to attend a NZ Tag Tournament, Kelly Klink to attend a Research Conference in the UK and The North Coast Board Riders Club.


  • Treaty Claims: – The Amended Statement of Claims for filing in WAI 2666 urgent hearing was approved, subject to final peer review.  The eleventh mandate maintenance report was also approved for release to OTS.


  • Trustee Honoraria and Fees Policy: – The amended Trustee and Honoraria Fees policy was accepted and the amendments to the Board Committee policy.


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