Ngatiwai kāhui kaumātua update

The Ngāpuhi kaumātua governance group met with the Ngātiwai kāhui kaumātua
The Ngāpuhi kaumātua governance group met with the Ngātiwai kāhui kaumātua
​Summary of recommendations/ outcomes from the kāhui kaumātua hui held 29th March 2019 at Paratene Te Manu Marae, Ngunguru

After a number of years in ‘review’ the recommendation is that an entirely new constitution be developed; and that the role of the kaumātua ‘to maintain the cultural and spiritual integrity’ of the iwi be reflected accordingly.

Naming of a new species Kaumātua to consider a name for a new species of ‘seahorse’ discovered in Ngātiwai waters. More details to come.

Ngātiwai Festival That an inaugural Tūkaiaia Festival be held December 2019. That the festival be lead by the younger generation and supported by the Kāhui kaumātua

Ngātiwai Kaumātua Awards That the inaugural (kaumātua led) Tūkaiaia Awards be held (first week of) December 2019 and that this be a formal award’s evening (banquet and entertainment) recognising Ngātiwai successes. Hapū to be invited to donate trophies. Kaumātua and finalists will be free, and ticket sales for others.

Hikoi Tūkaiaia That the inaugural kaumātua Tūkaiaia Hikoi 2020 be held (end of March 2020,) travelling by bus and boat to the significant sites of Ngātiwai. That the stories be shared and a pictorial record be developed. Option for the creation of calendars and a book. Proceeds to go towards future kaumātua hīkoi. Potential for Annual Hīkoi book series.

Hui-A-Iwi That hui be held for whānau to express their aspirations for the future of Ngātiwai.

Self-reliance Self-reliance is a key theme. Proceeds from a ‘basket social,’ fundraiser (date tbc) will go towards supporting kaumātua.

Kaumātua work streams Work streams are being formed based on key interests/knowledge of kaumātua: Environment, Treaty, Education, Health, Kapa Haka, Music, Te Reo etc. Updates to be given at the bi monthly meetings.

Kaumātua awards work stream established: Logistics – A. Moore ; Sponsorship/Funds – C. Moore; Catering – K. Caldwell, T .McLeod; Programme/Entertainment – T. Barber, E. Reti; Awards – D and H. Rapata, S. Rata

Travel support Travel support by way of vouchers is to be budgeted for attendance at kaumātua meetings, events.

Hui with Ngāpuhi Kaumātua
On Tuesday the 30th of April, the Ngatiwai Kāhui roopu hosted a delegation of Ngāpuhi kaumātua at their monthly meeting to discuss common interests.

While very brief Ngatiwai kaumātua outlined a raft of issues that they were concerned about such as the Treaty settlement process, sovereignty, Wai 262 the flora and fauna claim, the Sealord Deal, Heritage New Zealand’s treatment of wahitapu and pa sites, Department of Conservation’s involvement in Kauri Dieback, the Mandate reports for both Ngāpuhi and Ngatiwai and Hauraki Overlapping Claims. There were discussions about common concerns such as ensuring kaumātua are not used as a tick box or an ornamental tekoteko.

The Ngāpuhi kaumātua outlined how they are arranged on a representative basis with 9 members supported by a wider base of around 50 to 60 kaumātua who meet monthly. While they are not directly involved in Treaty Claims they have focused their efforts on holding wananga to collect and share korero with such examples as wananga on youth suicide, cremation, organ donation, marae protocols and what to do with ashes from overseas.

They have an annual budget but also do their own fundraising. They determine what they do and where they go within their budget but they also fund raise to help them attend events such as visiting Tahiti to see significant sites associated with their tupuna, visiting Sydney to mark 200 years of Maori in Paramata.

In summing up the Ngātiwai Kaumaātua kahui secretary Pam Armstrong said, “we were very appreciative of Ngāpuhi kaumātua coming to visit today and to share their experiences. At a recent wanānga Ngātiwai kaumātua considered their role in relation to the Trust Board and recommended that a completely new constitution be developed.”

It was also noted given recent events with the Hauraki overlapping claims inquiry and with Ngatiwai and Ngāpuhi yet to settle their own overlapping claims that building on the relation between the two groups at this early stage was going to be very important. Therefore, further hui are likely to be planed.

Further Information contact, Pam – 021704084

Next scheduled meeting – Monday 27 May 2019, 10am – Ngātiwai Trust Board

Nau mai, haere mai!

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