Ngātiwai work with police to ensure holiday makers stay home

​The Ngātiwai Trust Board have raised concerns with the New Zealand Police about the possibility of an influx of holiday makers and bach owners coming out to the coast over the Easter period.
In normal times the influx into the Ngātiwai coastal rohe is a given at Easter, with this four-day weekend being the last of the “summer holidays”.  However, in alert level four of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic these are no longer normal times.
People are being urged by the rural and coastal communities of Ngātiwai to please stay at home this Easter and follow the clear directives that Government are giving all New Zealanders.
Ngātiwai Chairman, Haydn Edmonds says, “Te iwi Māori, and particularly those in rural, remote and coastal areas, according to all the statistics on health and housing, are the most likely to be severely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic if there was a community outbreak.”
“For us as Ngātiwai, our people living in these areas, have low incomes, housing issues and often have underlying health issues that make them highly vulnerable to this disease.”
“As we come into Easter this weekend, we cannot have people from outside our rohe coming to the coast for a holiday.  They must stay home as we have all been directed to do.”
“We have already seen an influx into our communities since the lockdown began, and this not only puts a strain on the whānau households, but we are also seeing that they are cleaning out the local shops, leaving no essentials for our whānau to buy locally.”
“But we know there will be those that will not follow these rules and attempt to get away for the weekend.  We will be working and communicating with our people about monitoring who is coming and going over Easter, and encouraging them to contact Police via the 105 service.”
“We know of whānau that are actively setting up road patrols and monitoring who is coming in and out of their rohe.  If they are not local people travelling for essential purposes or an essential worker, whānau have said they will not be letting them travel into our rohe.”
“We will be encouraging whānau that have taken this measure to work with our local Police authorities to ensure this is done in a safe and managed way.”
“I have been in numerous discussions with our local District Commanders, and they are well aware of our concerns and will be working with us to increase their presence so that locals have some peace of mind that this issue is being policed.”
“I am asking everyone, for the sake of all New Zealanders, to be able to rid us of this virus, please stay home this Easter.”
Contacts:      Haydn Edmonds, Chairman, Ngātiwai Trust Board
                        Phone:  09 430 0939
                        Barry Caldwell, Communications Advisor, Ngātiwai Trust Board
                        Phone:  021 728 291
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