COVID-19 updates 17 April 2020

COVID-19 Update

As of the morning of the 17th of April 2020 there are still 26 cases in Northland and today there are 6 new confirmed and 9 probable cases of COVID-19. The total number is now 1,401, of which 118 are Māori. There are 12 people in hospital with COVID-19, three are in ICU and two are in critical condition. 3,661 tests were processed overnight bringing the total to 70,160. District Health Boards are working with their teams to increase testing capacity, including mobile testing in some places.

Interactive map developed by MoH can be found here: 
Coronavirus COVID-19 Public Dashboard for New Zealand
Ministry of Health website link: 
Ministry of Health website
COVID-19 website link: 
Unite Against COVID-19

What will Alert level 3 look like?

The Prime Minister outlined yesterday what Alert Level 3 or the ‘waiting room’ might look like for the country. The lifting of restrictions includes the loosening of regulations around tangihanga, enabling some businesses to open safely and opening up travel within regions. It is still undecided when we will move to Alert Level 3 however the announcement yesterday enables businesses and families to prepare.

Listen to PM Jacinda\’s personal post on what Level 3 could look like

Click for the Alert Level 3 restrictions announced

Click here for the Alert Level Chart

Ngātiwai ki Tāmaki team established to support Ngātiwai uri

A Ngātiwai ki Tāmaki team and a dedicated 0800 free calling number has been established to support our Ngātiwai Auckland based uri.

This number is 0800 120 068  we encourage all our whānau based in and around Auckland to contact us if you are needing some for of assistance

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Northland Inc COVID-19 Business Support Response

Northland Inc has a team of Business Growth Advisors who will offer additional advisory support and are here to provide full access to the national support available for businesses through the Regional Business Partner Network.

Northland Inc will also collect regional information on issues and impacts of Covid-19 to share with the Government so appropriate responses can be developed.

Call the Northland Business Covid-19 Response Helpline on 0800 525 001 during business hours for a friendly chat about any queries your business has about Covid-19.

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Government to assist New Zealanders in Philippines to come home

The Government continues in their plight to secure flights to bring New Zealanders home – this time from the Philippines. Any New Zealanders in the Philippines wishing to register interest in the flight should email the New Zealand Embassy in Manila:

Upon arrival into New Zealand, all passengers on this flight will enter immediate quarantine.

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A new CEO for Te Rarawa

Te Rarawa chairman Haami Piripi has announced the appointment of the new Te Rarawa chief executive officer, Phillip Murray, currently working in Wellington but born and raised at Whangape and Ahipara.

The Ngatiwai Trust Board would like to Congratulate Phillip and wish him all the best.
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