Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board Meeting of Trustees 25th September 2020

  • Blue Orb: – Representatives of Blue Orb met with Trustees to introduce themselves and provide an overview of their work they are involved.


  • RMU, Ports of Auckland Appeal: – The Trust Board will provide a letter of support in principal regarding the application to appeal the dredging in the Waitemata Harbour.


  • Resource Consent Processes: – The Trust Board will advise the Councils that Ngātiwai need to be informed of all consent applications and issues at the beginning of the resource consent process.


  • Sponsorship Policy: – Trustees resolved that the Sponsorship Policy will be reviewed by Rōpata Diamond and the Education Committee.


  • Treaty Claims: – The 3 main areas of treaty claims were highlighted being the Mandate Inquiry, Overlapping Claims and the MACA Claims of which the hearings will commence on Monday 28th September 2020 with Ngātiwai presenting on the first day.
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