Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board Meeting of Trustees 30 October 2020

  • Branding of Ngātiwai Trust Board: – Trustees are working on the re-branding of Ngātiwai Trust Board, which will include the Board’s current logo and possibly the spelling of Ngātiwai.
  • Confirmation of Annual General Meeting: – Saturday 20th March 2021 has been scheduled for the Trust Board’s Annual General Meeting to be held at Mokau marae.
  • Ngātiwai Fishing Limited/Ngātiwai Holdings Limited: – Trustees have appointed Independent Advisor Ko Au Capital Partners Limited to manage the ACE transactions process on behalf of Ngātiwai Fishing Limited and Ngātiwai Holdings Limited.
  • Sponsorship Application: – A scholarship application for the Ngātiwai Education Unit’s Summer Hockey Team was approved.
  • Treaty Claims Update: – An agreement has been achieved with the overlapping claims with Ngati Paoa whereby there will be a reduction in protocol area concerning the Ngātiwai area of interest along with amendments to the protocol text in their deed of settlement.
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