Summary of the Ngātiwai Trust Board Meeting of Trustees 29 January 2021

  • Sponsorship Applications: 3 sponsorship applications for Kelly Klink, Helen Davis and Rhythm Taua Glassie were approved $500 each.

Marae Reports:

  • Mokau: Arrangements are underway for the Mokau marae opening.
  • Ngunguru: The marae held its’ Annual General Meeting during the month.
  • Otetao: Marae will be closed for renovations.
  • Trustee Meeting Calendar 2021: The trustee meeting calendar for 2021 was confirmed, the Board will look to holding alternate monthly meetings at various Ngātiwai marae.
  • Trustee Sub-Committees: Trustees have established their new sub-committees, some committees have been amalgamated; with the formalising and policies and committee terms of references to be included on next month’s NTB agenda.
  • Te Anga Whakamua: The priority ratings from the on-line survey were provided to trustees; hui will be organised shortly to share the results with the iwi.
  • Treaty Claims: A hui was held at Ngunguru marae with the Marutuahau collective regarding the overlapping claims, a robust and enduring process was submitted and will go back to hapū and whanau most affected in Mahurangi and Aotea.
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