Takutai Moana Urgent Inquiry Closing Submissions


Tuesday this week saw the legal counsel of Te Poari o Ngātiwai present the closing submissions of the Board to the Waitangi Tribunal in the Urgent Inquiry against the Takutai Moana MACA legislation.

Represented by Stuart Henderson and Paula Wilson of Henderson Reeves Lawyers, our submissions to the Waitangi Tribunal was the end of this part of the journey for all MACA applicants in this Stage two inquiry.

We along with hapū, iwi and whānau claimants oppose the Takutai Moana MACA legislation as it stands.

The remedies the board seeks from the Waitangi Tribunal include:

  • Repeal the Act (overturn it)
  • We seek a longer conversation with the Crown on what the legislation should look like with funding to support our engagement
  • We seek the same rights granted (at a minimum) equal to that of Ngā rohe Moana o Ngā Hapū o Ngāti Porou Act 2019.

Te Poari o Ngātiwai were the closing speakers on behalf of hapū, iwi and whānau claimants – and support all submissions made in opposition to the Takutai Moana MACA legislation.

Crown submissions will be provided for the rest of the week.

You can watch the hearings on the links below:

Our power point presentation made to the Tribunal can be found on our website here:
Te Poari o Ngātiwai Closing submission presentation – Macca Stage 2

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