At the Monthly meeting of Trustees on 26 November, the Board moved to adopted the Ngātiwai Ki Te Hoe – Kōwhiti-19 Preparedness Plan. This tool kit was formerly launched at the our Hui ā Tau on Saturday 27 November.

The purpose of this toolkit is to ensure we are all prepared for if and when covid enters our kainga. It is a plan to assist whānau to have the kōroero, to start thinking about what you would do if you were to be impacted by covid in your home and to have a plan to be able to get through.

It will also give the ability should you need assistance from outside organizations to easily identify those who are in your bubble, what are the needs of the home and what is the support that needs to be provided.

This is a FREE tool kit that we have made available to whānau, with hard copies available in our office or whānau can also download it from our website hereKōwhiti 19 Preparedness Plan

We have our team of Kaimanaaki staff who are available to discuss and help you navigate what you need to do to complete your own personalised plan. We encourage whānau to call to make an appointment with one of our Kaimanaaki team to discuss on:
– 094300939 or Free call 0800 119 725.

Covid is here in our communities now. The new traffic light system has been announced and will be in place this Friday. The Borders are opening from the 15th December and we can expect an influx into our coastal communities that will increase the risk of spread of covid in our rohe.

Whānau we must be prepared for the likelihood of our homes being impacted covid-19. We need to have plan. Please take the time to prepare you plan for you whare by utilising this toolkit we have put together for you. If you need help completing this, feel free to call us, our team are happy to assist you with this.

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