Tertiary Education Scholarships 2021

He mihi tēnei ki ngā uri o Ngātiwai i whiwhi ki a rātou ngā karahipi o Te Poari o Ngātiwai.

On Saturday 27 November, Te Poari o Ngātiwai hosted our Hui ā Tau at Oceans Resort Tūtūkākā where we were also able to celebrate our 2021 Ngātiwai scholarship recipients – 7 post graduates ($3000 each) and 27 under graduates ($1000 each).

Firstly we acknowledge all our Ngātiwai uri who having been studying this year during a challenging covid environment, we know these past two years have been difficult, however we wish you all the very best success in your studies.

Below are our Ngātiwai uri who were successful in receiving a Post Graduate or Under Graduate scholarships.

​Please join us in congratulating and celebrating their academic achievements for 2021.

Post graduate recipients

  • Emma Lynette Hoey – Master of Indigenous Studies (Motairehe)
  • Korerotia Waetford Williams – Masters in Pasific Island Studies (Whananaki)
  • Mona-Lisa Wareka – PhD in Anthropology (Mokau)
  • Ngaroimata Reid – PhD in Management (Matapouri)
  • Pūawai Lueluai-Walker – Masters in Indigenous Studies (Mokau)
  • Teina Rihari – Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Psychology (Ngunguru)
  • Kelly Klink – Doctorate of Philosophy (Motairehe)

Under graduate recipients

  • Amy Marino – Bachelor of Social Work (Omaha)
  • Andrea Munro – Bachelor of Law LLB (Motairehe)
  • Angel Reti – Bachelor of Veterinary science (Otetao)
  • Annelise Watene – Graduate Diploma in Project Management (Tuparehuia)
  • Michael McCarthy – Bachelor of Law and Commerce and Diploma in Oral Māori Language Fluency (Otetao)
  • Chozen Hadfield-Kingi – Bachelor of Arts (Ngaiotonga)
  • Eden McCarthy – Bachelor of Health Sciences and Bachelor or Laws – Honour’s (Otetao)
  • Fabin Flavell – Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Whananaki)
  • Jasmine Milton – Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts conjoint degree (Ngunguru)
  • Jordan Going-Edwards – Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws cojoint degree (Whananaki)
  • Kaiwhiri Pita-Gray – Bachelor of Commerce (Ngaiotonga)
  • Kezia Naumai – Bachelor Dental Surgery (Ngāiotonga)
  • Sara Hona – Te Arareo Māori Level 2 (Omaha)
  • Ashleigh Keach – Bachelor of Architecture (Nugunguru)
  • Krystal Worters – Bachelor of Education (Huarahi Māori Specialisation) (Whananaki)
  • Pere Tamaki – Bachelor of Applied Sociel Work (Mōkau)
  • Rāwinia Wikaira – Bachelor of Science and Arts (Omaha)
  • Sharlene Toka – Bachelor of Applied Social Work (Pataua)
  • Sharnee Diamond – Bachelor of Oral Health (Ngāiotonga)
  • Taiawa Edwards – Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws conjoint (Motairehe)
  • Taumata Toki – LLB/BMHS – Bachelor of Laws and Medical Health Science (Motairehe)
  • Te Ngaio Cleave – Bachelor of commerce Major in Finance, minor in Māori (Motairehe)
  • Tina Lumsden – Bachelor of Education Teaching Primary (Takahiwai, Patuharakeke)
  • William Hepi – (N.2 Certificate in Te Reo Māori Level 2 (Mōkau)
  • Wirihana Croft-Malcolm – Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology (Takahiwai)
  • Hirini Edwards –  Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (Matatpouri)
  • Kealii Leuluai – Bachelor of Applied Management (Mōkau)
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